Saturday, November 1, 2008


Near our hall there is a ground, named Villazano ground. We are more than 10 students went to that field in fear that would they allow us to paly cricket or not. Cause many little boys used to play over there in the afternoon. Ignoring these hesitation, we forwaded to go there palying cricket. Near there, there is one housing of Opera (Opera is a local govt's university related fund raiser, our all about living expenses are provided by this organization). Among one of the buildings, Suza bahi stays in one. So, with Suza bhai, our BD cricket squad went to that field. Some children were playing football there. As soon as we reached there, they asked "Come chi dice questo giocare?" (How to say the name of this game?). We answered and from then, they kept their football aside and started to roam surrounding us. Why they are doing like this? They answered "Voglio giocare.."(want to play..).
Just between some gapes, we gave them to throw the ball towards the stamp. Really they were too much happy. Among them, there was a too little boy named Samuel..he was too much xcited. Sometimes our ball was going out side the field, he was happy to hear from us that please bring the ball. Today I had a nice line of bowling, within one over-I took twice wickets. But this was less xcitment for me than Italian's are throwing their football when we gave them one plastic bat and one spare cricket ball. Really the feelings was awsome, Football Champions were enjoying cricket...

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