Saturday, November 1, 2008

Funniest Serial I have ever seen....

Polin Bhai, one on going phd student, one day told us about one comedy serial. First time I did not pay heed on him but now I am very much happy that al least I did not miss some pure joy and laugh for the sake of the serial -"Mind your language".

The story based on some foreign students who are coming to one English Language Training Institute taught by Mr. Jeremy Brown, portrayed by Barry Evans in London. One Studnet from pakistan is very much frequent with words like "Squeze me", "oh blimey!", and also "jolly good". Some other charecters - typical Italian, French hot girl, Indian Shikh bla bla....everyone is a piece of real Mr. Bean.

Actually it is also available on the You tube . Just after listening from polin Bhai, I finished all the episodes within one night from youtube. This is why, I am named master of Youtube. But whenever I saw detail about the charecters from wikipedia, I am really very much shocked that Barry Evans is no more in the world. May be good event lasts shorter. Thus a comedy serail ends in a consequences of melancholy.

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